2013-05-19 | 2my4edge

25 May 2013

Toggle Show/hide concept using java script

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It is usually we are using this in all sites for some special purpose. toggle hide and show matter, and we can make this as simple login logout system link in the toggle system let's see, that's why we are using this toggle hide and show concept. let see how it works.
Toggle hide and show

23 May 2013

Simple concept for Select All text OnClick in textarea

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While generating any kind of code, that will shown in textarea, after that we just click on that textarea that will select all the texts in the textarea, this is very simple coding, and here i'm not generating any kind of code here. i'm just showing that how to make select all text what they all present in the textarea. how it works, let see here.
Select all concept using script

22 May 2013

Detect Operating System and Detect the Browser using Php

how to detect the operating system and which browser we are currently using, that's we are going to find through the PHP code, here in the php code we are using and getOS and getBrowser, so far the code is fully works with the help of php code, and let see how it works and what is that code in detail
Detect operating system and Browser