2013-06-23 | 2my4edge

29 June 2013

Facebook style Scroll bar using Jquery

Most of them eager to know about facebook and it’s functionality, so here we just know about facebook style scroll bar, how the scroll bar is seems in the facebook, the black color scroll bar and it presence when we hover the part where the scroll is presence, similar like the same style the scroll is ready by using Jquery, let see it.
Facebook style scrool bar

28 June 2013

Change background image while page refresh using Javascript

Are you getting bore of the same background image on your web page, no worries. For each refresh/reload of your web page, change new and new background images using javascript. It is very simple concept by using javascript. This page background change is make is your web page more impressive and not getting bore. So let see the coding for this.

27 June 2013

Browser full screen API using Query

Full screen mode of browser, usually for this full screen mode we just press button f11 key, here we are going to see that in coding using fullscreen Jquery. By the help of this coding when we press the location the browser will be as full screen mode, in most of the social media network sites using this kind of full screen mode to establish their idea in full screen, so let see the coding.

25 June 2013

Facebook Style Textarea Auto Grow Using JQuery Plugin and Css

Usually textarea is one of the form input type, it is identified by rows and cols, while using Rows and Cols the textarea will be comes like scrolled type for that we are going to disable the scroll bar and grow the textarea.

For that we are using Textarea autogrow plugin to expand the textarea and css for remove the resize of the text area.

Print or Save the Web page as .PDF Using Java Script

Save the web page as .PDF format or directly print the page using printer, we have to connect the printer through the computer and then choose the Designation where and what it should have to do the function, whether print or save the page. [ New one using JQUERY ]

24 June 2013

.htaccess uses and redirect www to non-www and non-www to www

Initially I don’t the purpose of .htaccess and now I bought my own domain so, I realized the need of .htaccess, here I just use this .htaccess for redirect website URL www to non-www and non-www to www. Let see how the .htaccess code is works here, and how we want to use this .htaccess.