2013-06-30 | 2my4edge

06 July 2013

Simple Login logout system using php

Login and logout system is the most important thing for the user management, session management is one important thing for manage the user for the whole time of login time. for that we have to use session for this. it should have 5 files for this. we have to fetch the same value for the user and check the session and register the session value. and make destroy for logout. let see it detail,
Login logout system

05 July 2013

Username live availability Check using php and Ajax

Username live availability is one of the most important thing the database field, why because mostly we have to different kind of username and unique name for all users. then only we can identify the individual user, so for here we are going to check the database field for already existing username availability. so here we are using php fetch coding and AJAX live check without refreshing of the page.

03 July 2013

How to create custom 404 error page using .htaccess

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Most of the web pages show the error like 404 page error.  So here we have solution to make the custom web page for that 404 page error by using .HTACCESS.  This 404 error make your website uneasy. So here we are using the HTACCESS file for that. As we know already we discussed here about how to make www to non-www and non-www to www using HTACCESS file. Now let see the one more thing about this HTACCESS custom 404 page error.

02 July 2013

Image Zoommer like E-commerce site using multizoom.js

Usually we need this kind of image zoom is using in E-commerce site, Why because, they want to show their product with some extra quality, that’s why they are using this image zoom on their product, here we are going to see how the image zoom get works.