2013-07-14 | 2my4edge

20 July 2013

Simple Pagination with loading effect using Qjuery, PHP and MySql

Simple Pagination is the matter of showing limited data in a particular page, here i'm using Jquery, php, mysql. if we have more number of data in a single page, we just make it to show a particular data in a page. for that we are using this pagination. just know how the pagination works and know some of the details about pagination and how to make it without page refreshing, let see the tutorial.

15 July 2013

Create custom file chosen input type using Css and Jquery

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Usually we know how to give input type file for upload any kind of file in the database, for that we are using form, and in that form we have to give input type="file" for file upload, usually while we are calling the input type as like the above, that will change for each browser, for that and make the file input type in custom design using Css and Jquery. let see how it is.

14 July 2013

Change text & background color while selecting text using CSS3

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Change text color and background color while you are selecting text for copy or any other purpose, make your web page impressive with extra design using this css selection text color change, getting bored of usual selecting color on your web page, so try this code. While selecting content of any web page that selected with the default color of blue, so change it with this css.