2013-07-28 | 2my4edge

01 August 2013

Autocomplete search using php, mysql and ajax

We know what is autocomplete in input type, that is make some predefined entered texts come under the input type box, while focusing on the input type, similarly we are searching some content from mysql database, this actually facebook style search concept to suggest some data for select before we get the exact search, for that we are using this kind of search, and this is very simple to make search in php, mysql with ajax and jquery. let see it in brief.
autocomplete search with php mysql and ajax

31 July 2013

Enable right click in right click disabled web pages by disable javascript in browser

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Most of the site are disabled the right click button for the security purpose. But what we do is try to hack this site, as I said in the previous tutorial right click disabled is not much secured, so we have to use some tricks to enable right click in the right click disable pages. So let see.  This trick is very simple. It has more tricks. I tell you some of few.
Enable right click trick

30 July 2013

Disable right click and protect your content from coping using Java script

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Disable right click button in mouse using javascript, this concept is mostly used for protect your content from coping your copy right content and all, most of the hacker trying to copy your content and try to reveal your secret of your web page, that’s why this script is using for protect. If we are using this right click disable click, the hacker cannot right click on the web page. So he cannot copy or cannot make inspect element and does not able to select the text.
disable right click protect from copy using javascript

28 July 2013

Alert style validation using Javascript

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Alert style validation using javascript is very useful thing web site form validation, form validation is one the important thing in web designing and developing, in initial stage of every developer and design must done this, that is validation. so now i'm showing that the same thing. that is alert style validation using javascript. which means that on submit it show the popup window to alert and tell to fill the field. let see the details.
alert style validation using javascript