2014-11-09 | 2my4edge

13 November 2014

Simple form validation using validate.js with jquery

Today we are going to discuss about form validation. Now a days people are expecting powerful validation with simple code, so HTML5 is there, in html5 we have to just put required to make validation, as similar like that, we are going to see about form validation using validate js. by using that validate js we are going to do validation very simple. as well as Javascript validation its will take too much of code so that we have to overcome that by jquery validation . just include the jquery validation file to make form validation. let see the coding.


12 November 2014

PHP Email template for contact user and admin

I'm planned to post some new thing web related topic, many reader asking me how to build php email template for contact admin of the website and to visitor, So here we go to discuss about email template concept. just follow the below tutorials, that will be very helpful for coding design & developement.

gmail template

11 November 2014

Dynamic data binding using angularjs

After a long time i am posting this topic about angular js concept. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that makes it easier to implement web applications. its created by google. Now a days google is implementing angular js for its own sites. So follow my updates you can learn easily angular js.