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31 January 2015

How to create a form in Google Drive for Request and Response

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Here i'm going to explain you, how to create a form in google drive and by the help of that form how to get response from visitor or user to our site, and after creating form in google drive, how to get that form to website. like that we are going to see in this post. Let follow the step by step process to make form in google drive for request and response form.

how create form in google drive for request tutorial

29 January 2015

Simple updated dynamic datatable using Bootstrap (NEW)

Dynamic data table using bootstrap, here in this dynamic data table is created with help of Bootstrap, here in the dynamic data table is used as data table to get data from database and here it has search, counting for number of fields in table and pagination, data sorting like that kind of all features are there in this data table. i have already post one post about this data table , but this one is updated and simple one.