2015-03-01 | 2my4edge

05 March 2015

Responsive back to top using Bootstrap

Back to top using bootstrap, we already discussed some tutorials about bootstrap. Bootstrap makes the work very simple like that, to we are going to see about back to top onclick using Bootstrap with some script. This is one of the simple method to use this scroll top function.  let me explain you in details.

Responsive back to top in bootstrap

04 March 2015

Animated background Color changer using Jquery UI

Today we are going to see about animated automatic background color changer using jquery and with jquery UI plugin. so this one is very simple one to make animated automatic background color changer with jquery. light weighted and responsive to all devices. my past post related to this background changer is Change background on refresh using Java script i hope you really gonna like this. let me tell you sets for how to create this background color changer.