2015-04-05 | 2my4edge

10 April 2015

Allow html tags and files only to particular page URL using php

We are mostly using header and footer as separate page. so that time when we are adding one in header or footer file it will affect all the files that, so for we have to take that files only to the particular url, then only it will works well. we can add css, javascript and jquery to particular page. so her we have only solution for that. simple php code will help you to do this. lets see the code.

all css and jquery javascript for particular files

08 April 2015

Simple blinking effect using css3 and Jquery

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Simple blink effect using css3 and with Jquery. We usually use text-decoration:blink; is for blink effect css. but now a days it is not working. so we are going the alternative solution. that is by using CSS3 and with Jquery. here i'm going to tell you two methods to use this blink effect one is with CSS3 and another one is with Jquery.

simple blink effect using css and jquery