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29 August 2016

How to Comment HTML codes in Blogger comment form

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Commenting on blogger is very simple, But sometime we are getting some errors in html codes or in some other codes, that time we need to comment that line in blogger comment form, usually normal HTML or javascript's code will not supports in Blogger comment form. for that we need to change that HTML entity format. While we are asking any query in comment box, we need to change the format of the code. let see how we need to change that.

how to comment html codes in Blogger comment

12 July 2016

Simple paypal payment system with sandbox demo

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Paypal payment system is one of the simplest way to transfer money through online, even if you dont have paypal account also you can pay through your credit card or debit card. this code is very simple one only. here i will give you one sample example. Lets see the code and sandbox complete demo.  

simple paypal payment system in php

07 July 2016

Import Excel sheet .csv file to database using php Codeigniter

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Importing bulk data through excel sheet .csv (comma delimited) is one of the useful function to reduce the one by one data updating. and sure that excel sheet format should be .csv (comma delimited) format, while saving excel sheet, save it in .csv (comma delimited) format. and lets see the code for that.

import excel sheet using php codeignter

29 June 2016

CSS3 media queries to make your normal website as responsive website

Using media query is one of old method of making our website responsive, now a days people are moving to css frameworks like bootstrap, etc. though we need to use media query for some unavoidable times. so here i'm giving you some solution to make your website as responsive website, and also it helps for SEO purpose also. Lets see the code and solution.

CSS3 media queries to make your normal website as responsive website

27 June 2016

How to add Facebook comments for dynamic websites

Facebook provides more features, like that, add facebook comments for dynamic php websites. here are going to add facebook comments system to our website or web page. this is the one of the simple way to add facebook comment system to our website. Let see the code and steps to make facebook comments plugin. 

24 June 2016

Like and Unlike concept in Codeigniter by Onclick Ajax call function

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Like and unlike concept in Codeigniter onclick ajax call function, we have already discussed in php ajax like and unlike concept. like Voting concept, Now we are going to do that codeigniter. here i have implemented with Ip address, one ip address can like one time, if they are liking it again it will be unlike. Let see the code.

simple like and unlike concept in php framework codeigniter