2013-07-07 | 2my4edge

12 July 2013

Marquee style in different manner with PHP and MySql

Marquee style scroll using in different manner, such as top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, right to left, and scroll speed control, like all those details we are going to discuss here. usually all web developer must this tag that is marquee tag, which this marquee tag is used for the purpose of make the small kind of head line or make important thing in the particular area using marquee scroll style, similarly here we are going to discuss the thing about marquee tag with Php and Mysql.

09 July 2013

My Demos page design details with all my tutorials

Initially I starting blogging just for an entertainment and fun, and after that facing more problem and more reviews and suggestions about my page, and I realized most of them expecting something from me. So you have to utilize your talent and make people who are visits to your site, full fill their need and make stay people in your page, those kind of ideas and thoughts comes in m mind. So for that i’m taking more important to my blog and my blog visitors. So here I’m show the tutorial about my demos page, most of them visits my demos page already I know. Here I’m going to reveal the coding of that page. That is very simple. But it is very important for the beginners of html beginners.

demo images

07 July 2013

File download coding using PHP and Mysql

File downloading code is the method of downloading a file from the database, how to download a file from the database, usually uploaded file are stored in the database and how we can download it. let see, using PHP code we going to download the file. so here we must have to know the upload coding. here i'm not showing upload code, here i just show you and explain you the downloading code only. let see it. ZIP and download code

file download image