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09 March 2022

Google material design style input types using CSS

I hope, Everyone knows about Google material design, it is now widely using in modern web applications, here i'm going to explain that in css design only input type like input type text, textarea, checkbox, radio button like that. material design is highly using in angular js and mobile application. Google material designs introduction details. but in this tutorial we are going to see how to make that in css. Lets see that code. 

Google material input type design using css

02 March 2022

Display current time in website using JavaScript

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Set / Display current time using JavaScript, Most of the websites are displaying time in their website, for that, here we are going to see how to set simple JavaScript digital timer in our website. It is one of the simple one. let see the coding. 


01 March 2022

Simple way to send email in codeigniter using SMTP

Here I'm going to tell you about how to send contact emails in codeigniter using SMTP Settings. this is one of the simple way to integrate in Codeignter. We already discussed a bit about Codeigniter in previous tutorials. It has some library file to make this action. like that here also we have email library file. Lets see the code and steps below.

Send email using Codeignter

25 February 2022

Peeling style on top corner of browser using peelback jquery

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I'm going to tell you about peeling style ads displaying on top right corner of the page on mouse hover using peelback jquery. peelback jquery is to peel the webpage to display something like you can see in the demo page, this is not only for ads displaying. we can use this for designing purpose. this looks cool in web page, avoid putting ads on it just use it for some other special designing purpose. let me tell you the details about the peelback jquery.

Peeling style on top right corner

24 February 2022

CSS3 media queries to make your normal website as complete responsive website

Using media query is one of old method of making our website responsive, now a days people are moving to css frameworks like bootstrap, etc. though we need to use media query for some unavoidable times. so here i'm giving you some solution to make your website as responsive website, and also it helps for SEO purpose also. Lets see the code and solution.

CSS3 media queries to make your normal website as responsive website

23 February 2022

Show menu bar in scroll up, hide in scroll down using Javascript with Bootstrap

Now a days most of the sites are using this kind of nav bar,  like when we are scrolling down hiding the menu nav bar, When we are scrolling up showing the menu nav bar, actually it is really nice one. here we are going to create like that kind of functionality only using jquery javascript and with Bootstrap menu. Let's see the code.

scroll up show menu bar

18 February 2022

Live HTML Compiler using PHP like W3schools tryit editor

Live Html compiler using Php similar like w3schools tryit editor, it is very simple one, we are going to run the textarea code in the iframe, that's it. so let me tell you how w3schools made it, but they are used asp.net. but here I'm going to tell you in PHP with iframe. lets see the coding.

live html compiler like w3schools

17 February 2022

Send an Email by using PHPmailer

How to send a Email using phpmailer, It is a simple one. here we have class.phpmailer.php file, that make send mail operation very simple and calm. here we just have to do some simple steps to do this method. Check this by the live demo.

send email using php mailer

16 February 2022

Copyright text and webpage url while copying data from webpage using Javascript

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Here i'm going to tell you one of most interesting and simple script to make our web page url and content copyright text while copying data from our web page. This is one of the simple and useful technique to make our site spread while copying our data form our site.

Copyright content while copying in web page