2013-08-25 | 2my4edge

31 August 2013

Resize the font using Query

Resize the font size using JQuery is very simple one, Onclick how to make font size increase and decrease using Jquery. here we are going to see thing about designing. just make simple thing, it is also like magnifying the text onclick. usually we are using shortcut key CTRL + + or CTRL + - to zoom in and zoom out the browser window size. but here are going increase and decrease only the font size of the web page. let see the details about that.

30 August 2013

how to create reflect, shadow & stroke effects in photoshop

After a long time i'm going to tell you the tricks in photoshop. it is basic of photoshop. for a simple text, how make reflect, shadow and stroke (border) effects to the text. you can see the below image with some text effects. that is what we are going to see here. let's see, how to make that effect in photoshop. photo-shop-basics-shadow-reflect-stroke

29 August 2013

Image slider with random animation effects using Jquery

Image slider for web page, this is what most of them searching for make their static web site with more animation and attractive, that's why i'm going to make a small web slider with more animation effects. such as fold, slice, boxrain, fade, etc.. here i'm going to use novi slider jquery to make this image slider. this very flexiable and well supported image slider for all kind of web. let's try this image slider. 
Image slider with random animation effects using Jquery

28 August 2013

Get support with foreign and regional language in php and mysql

Usually you may know  or don’t know, in a PhpMyadmin default setting does not support the foreign and regional language. It default supporting language is English. I’m from India, so here most of them using so many languages. So today I’m going to show you that how to insert the foreign and regional language in mysql database using php.
support with foreign and regional language.