2015-02-15 | 2my4edge

18 February 2015

Get Google alerts to your mail

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We know that google providing more features for us, like wise google alert is one of the useful thing to get alert about new things. this is really help us to monitor the new trendy news to you mail. Google Alert main Concept is "Monitor the web for interesting new content.". Let see how get alert to you mail. Just follow the steps.

Goolge Alert to you gmail account

17 February 2015

Confirmation alert on before closing browser tab using Javascript

Today i'm going to tell you one small and basic javascript snippet for alert confirmation on browser closing time. i recently used whats app web that time before closing my session that asks me confirmation alert navigation. like that more sites are using this kind of confirm navigation on before closing browser tab, and it is mostly coming in form submission time, without filling the full form people trying to close or refreshing tab that time this kind of alert navigation will come. so let see the code for that suing javascript.

alert before closing browser