2015-05-03 | 2my4edge

06 May 2015

Simple textarea text counter using bootstrap

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Twitter style textarea character counter using Bootstrap and javascript, here is the one of the simple method use the textarea counter, this is very useful to limited character field in forms. after a long time this post is about bootstrap. It is very simple one. text counter with validation until you fill textarea field.  lets see the code. 

Simple text counter with bootstrap

05 May 2015

Simple animated moving background images using CSS3 with Keyframes

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Here i'm going to post about animated like moving background image from bottom to top and top to bottom like that, for that we are going to use keyframes in css3 to make move on percentage of background position. this is very simple one, this kind of background images are highly using in social media index login and register pages, lets see the simple coding.

animated moving background