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19 October 2016

Add dynamic input form fields in onclick function with delete

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Add dynamic input form field in onclick function with delete operation. This adding dynamic field is widely using in forms, this is most useful and frequently using operation for web developer. i hope this post will be really helpful most of them. this is very simple one. in future post i will explain you how make that dynamic insert into database. now let see the static function to make this.

Add dynamic input form fields in onclick function with delete operation

10 October 2016

Customize url / tool bar color for your website in android phones

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How to change url bar color in your mobile screen for your website. Now a days in lollipop versions android phone's chrome browser you can see the come customized color change in some websites like facebook, flipkart, etc. like that. similarly you can change url bar or tool bar color. let see how to make that kind of design for your websites.

Customize url / tool bar color for your website in android phones

08 October 2016

Get country, city, region, location details based on IP Address

Get country, city, region, lat, lang, country code, and location details based IP address. here we have PHP code to find the above all location details based on IP address. Based on IP address we can get more details about city, country, country code, latitude, longitude, region code, region name and some more details only based on IP address. Let see the code.

Get country city region location details based on IP Address

06 October 2016

Live Preview using Javascript for Design and text Changes

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Live preview using Javascript Keyup function is one of the most useful function. Recently i have worked on one invoice generating project from that. i found some interesting codes for you. Live preview we can do it Angular Js. but some people may not aware of angular js. This one very simple live preview example. i have two demo for you. one is Dynamic preview and another is static preview. check and use it.

Live preview in javascript

29 August 2016

How to Comment HTML codes in Blogger comment form

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Commenting on blogger is very simple, But sometime we are getting some errors in html codes or in some other codes, that time we need to comment that line in blogger comment form, usually normal HTML or javascript's code will not supports in Blogger comment form. for that we need to change that HTML entity format. While we are asking any query in comment box, we need to change the format of the code. let see how we need to change that.

how to comment html codes in Blogger comment

12 July 2016

Simple paypal payment system with sandbox demo

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Paypal payment system is one of the simplest way to transfer money through online, even if you dont have paypal account also you can pay through your credit card or debit card. this code is very simple one only. here i will give you one sample example. Lets see the code and sandbox complete demo.  

simple paypal payment system in php