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25 April 2017

Simple chat box design style using jquery and css

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In this post, I'm going to explain you a simple chat box design layout using jquery with css. Now a days most of them looking for chat box design, so here i'm going to show you one of the simplest way of chat box design with simple layout. lets see the code below.

chatting box chat style design css layout

12 April 2017

Polygon area with google autocomplete for limited region

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As told you in my previous article, today i'm going to explain you about provide service only to the selected region in google map api with autocomplete, this one is very simple one, here inside that selected polygon array region. My previous article about polygon region array selection. Lets see about provide service only to the selected region in polygon array.

polygon array with autocomplete

06 April 2017

How to make polygon array map using google map api

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How to make polygon array map in google map, with the help of multiple latitude and longitude. in my previous articles, i have explained how to create google API, and I have made how to create multiple location point marker in google map API. here we are just going to see polygon map, polygon map is nothing just showing the marked area in google map. here I will explain to you how to find latitude and longitude in google map. let's see the polygon map code.

google map polygon map array

30 March 2017

Simple shopping cart using Codeigniter with Ajax

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Simple shopping cart using Codeigniter with Ajax, Shopping cart is using to make e-commerce project. this is one of the most important needs for all web developers. here I'm going give you and very simple code to make the flow of shopping cart with ajax. these all combination of some of my previous articles. refer those also for your reference. CodeIgniter provides predefined cart class, we are just using it for our need. Let's see the process.

Simple codeigniter shopping cart

17 March 2017

Add multiple google map markers location with customized infowindows using google map Api

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How to add multiple map marker points in your embedded google map, instead of embedded google map, we have to create google map using api, already i ave written an article about how to create google map api and how to get current location of user like that. now we are going to create multiple marker location in single map. lets see how it is.


15 March 2017

How to get the last record in each MySql group by method

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How to get the last record of each MySql group by method, usually in group by method we will get first record data of the table, but in some cases you need last record in group by method. that time we need to use this mysql clause. this is also like group by category id or foreign id last record fetching method. Let see the MySql Query.

get last record in mysql