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10 August 2013

How to create an animated .jpg image

Here I’m going to show you that, how to make animated image with the extension of .jpg. we all know that, the .jpg file (joint photography experts group) does not support animation and all. But here we have some tricks to make it.
animated jpg image

As we already discussed about how to create an animated image in photoshop. as like that make one animated image.

First we need animated .gif image.

Usually the .gif format does not support in the windows image viewer so here we have to use any one browser to view the .gif image. So here I’m using Google chrome to view the .gif image.
gif in browser
and the above image is normally opened in the format of .gif. so we have make with the extension of .jpg.
So we have to use notepad++ software to make this success.
open in notepad++
So like that the above image, just do. Edit with notepad++.
opened in notepad++
Then that will be comes like the above image. The click on the menu bar to make the .jpg image format.
click save as
Go to save As.
save with extension of .jpg
Then save file name with the extension of .jpg

Then again open the image in browser. The will be comes like..,
again open it in browser
That’s it. Think it is very good trick. Thank you.


how to create an animated .gif loading image in photoshop


  1. Can you use regular notepad instead of ++?

  2. Would the color depth get better? I doubt it. If you have animated GIF, the color depth is 8 bit. You change it to jpg, it still has 8 bit color. It can't magically turn into 24 bit. So, what's the point of changing animated GIF to animated JPG?

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