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29 August 2016

How to Comment HTML codes in Blogger comment form

Commenting on blogger is very simple, But sometime we are getting some errors in html codes or in some other codes, that time we need to comment that line in blogger comment form, usually normal HTML or javascript's code will not supports in Blogger comment form. for that we need to change that HTML entity format. While we are asking any query in comment box, we need to change the format of the code. let see how we need to change that.

how to comment html codes in Blogger comment

There are come major Special Characters are there to change while we need to comment in blogger comment form. Lets see the replacing character for that.

1. ' < '  -> ' &lt; '
2. ' > ' -> ' &gt; '
3. ' " ' [double quote] -> ' &quot; '
4. ' ' ' [Single quote]  -> ' &#039; '
5. ' & '  -> ' &amp; '

After changing like this, you can comment that in your blogger. that will be reflecting as html code in comment box.

LIVE CONVERSION [ After converting HTML code, you can Paste that code in blogger comment form ]  

I hope this article is really helpful every one. try commenting on blogger comment form. Get response.



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